Found object + Intervention

PREMIÈRE EXHIBITIONCrack, Artus Studio, Budapest, 2022
MEDIAinstallation, antique ICA photo camera, scale, batteries, text dimensions: 600 × 200 cm

_ Description

The installation refers to the dystopian character of the social credit system relying on personal data harvesting and analysis by AI algorithms in order to control the population. The complex evaluation mechanism of the citizens is already fully operational for example in China. Surprisingly enough among thousands of features used to evaluate the individuals, the delinquency rate (applied in the risk management of the banks) is closely related to the battery charge level of personal mobile devices. The regular low battery level information results in a high delinquency rate classification of a person by the manmade algorithm system.

When one’s battery is often low, that doesn’t necessarily mean carelessness, unreliability, or poverty, there could be many other reasons behind it. For example, an environmental consideration: the quantity of battery usage is strongly connected with the cobalt mining problem. The global demand for the ingredient of lithium-ion batteries causes significant social disasters in countries like Congo. That’s why an “algorithmic error” of a faulty social system can generate various wrong consequences.