FULL NAMENguyen Thi Thanh Tra
PROFESSIONArtist, Lecturer, Researcher, Designer
LIVING INHungary & Vietnam

Brief Introduction

Hello! I am Tra – Vietnamese artist. I mainly work in the field of Media Art and Design. Currently I am a doctoral researcher at Doctoral School, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest.

By observing the transformation of various emerging phenomena in the everyday life, my research explores the new structures in society, culture and art, and this research often serves as a background for my artistic practice. I am currently engaged with a research-based artistic project related to cyberspace, surveillance capitalism, cyber colonialism, and creativity in the age of AI and automation. My work materializes in various media, such as design, video, interactive media, installation, etc.

I have participated in several media art and design exhibitions and festivals in Asia and Europe, my works were shown at Bucharest Biennale, Archives Bordeaux Metropole (France), Chiang Mai Art Center (Thailand), Women’s Museum (Vietnam), Vietnamese National Exhibition of Applied Arts, etc.