PREMIÈRE EXHIBITIONCrack, Artus Studio, Budapest, 2022
MEDIATHE 5TH “A” magazine, size: A4, 24 pages

_ Project description

The conceptual magazine uses the language and typology of the commercial marketing with a subversive attitude in order to define the Artusive, a new type of consumer ‘discovered’ in the so-called Indie-shelter (in fact the Artus Studio). The project has a site-specific character as this type of personality – is being illustrated with the portraits of the artists working in Artus, who through their love of freedom and social justice are successfully avoiding to be targeted by commercial marketing strategies.

In identifying the taxonomy of personality types the narrative makes reference to the anthropological racism of the early 20th century, a controversial pseudoscientific colonial approach, the traces of which can be discovered in the actual corporate profiling.