Pieces of evidence

video installation

Entering Artus building is in itself an experience as if we could feel its memory. What have those walls witnessed?

We tried to find it out. We traced the past by interviewing Artus’ artists, neighbours and experts on the factory building history in Budapest. The collected information had some gaps, which were filled by Artus building itself, the mood it could provoke on us.

“Pieces of evidence” intends to convey a new perspective on the historical narrative, since history can be perceived and communicated in many different ways and is actually formed within us and contributed by us. Be created during the search for truth – a slippery and vibrant truth about the history of a contemporary art venue in Budapest, the artwork is being formed by various anecdotes, personal stories and imagination.

Group of ArtistsTra Nguyen (VN), Cecília Bandeira (BR), Volkan Mengi (TR)
Exhibition VenueArtus Studio, Budapest, Hungary
DateNov 2019