Short Film, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011


This short film describes the relationship between father and daughter, as a general Asian social problem.
The film starts with an action of the father when he tries to control his daughter by moving her to his computer as installing extraordinary software. With the improper raise and control of her father, the girl has a fearful childhood and unusual. He orders her to do all of his orders. Of course, with a computer, he could easily undo, cut, move his girl to trash or even delete permanently. In many anger times, he had abandoned the girl in the trash. An invisible way, father turned his daughter into a prisoner in the trash’s world. But also, from bad things in trash’s world where she has to live to grow up and become mature. When the girl overcomes the limitations of the experience as well as the computer can’t recognize her anymore. Or in other words, programming languages can’t decode her. In such circumstance, the father has only two options. Firstly, he needs to remake her. Secondly, he should take her away from the computer. In other words, he has to take his daughter out of the world of control.
All in all, we are convinced that “TRUTH isn’t outside power”. Power somehow continuously writing the truth. Plenty of fathers over the world are the person who wrote the truth for his daughter by his personal intention.