Folding Lamp

Developing jobs for art students and idle workers

Hue Folding Lamp

At first, the folding lamp was created as an applied product, then in the process of producing and commercializing the product, the folding lamp became a community connection, which created many small production groups, including idle workers and art students. The product has become the main source of income for many local workers as well as the income support for art students.

Generally, Hue folding lamp is a design product originating from folk art and perfected by the critical design thinking of modern life. The lamp was made by the desire to preserve traditional cultural values ​​and create cultural products that can be applied in our everyday life. The product can be folded, shrunk and can be used in interior spaces as well as a valuable cultural gift representing the identities of Vietnamese. Therefore, the product is well received by the market. Through this, it has created a healthy handicraft ecosystem in a small community.



* Top 30 Creative Products Award in Vietnam Women Innovation Day 2015
* Consolation Prize in The 3rd Vietnamese National Grand of Applied Arts 2014
* 2nd Prize in The Craft Product Design Contest in Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam, 2014