Interactive Installation & Augmented Reality Technology

Exhibition VenueChiang Mai Art Center, Thailand

The project aims to expose the truth within the advertisements – where global corporations turn their products into new cultural symbols. Cultural possession and cultural profits became a core conspiracy of capitalism and, moreover, gloomily, the cultural industry pushed their intentions further.


The project was shown as a store to sell products, in which the cultural symbols of Vietnamese Lunar New Year were the main product. In the store shelves, there were 10 different “symbolic works” which were selected after research process. The symbols comprised apricot flowers, lanterns, red envelope, watermelon, dragon dance, ChuÌ›ng cakes, CocaCola Tet, Knorr Tet, Omo Tet, Sony Tet.


A computer was set to center of the project for the audiences to examine and to learn more about the products. Computer screen was always being in the view of computer camera. With the application of tracking interactive technologies, when audiences brought each work in front of the computer, image symbol in their hands would suddenly change into a video. Especially, the videos were moving within the frame of the symbol. The videos scenes were constantly changing to described Tet activities of Vietnam people, which were ambient, the symbol, and were interactive. All images appeared in front of the audiences with spring music and advertising audio.